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Mould Design

2D & 3D Mould Drawings

RongXin Mould Design Department owns a strong design team with more than 20 designers. In our design, we have adopted international standards such as DME, HASCO, DAIDO, RABOURDIN etc. We are also very glad to customize molds as per our clients' special requirements. Our commitment is to ensure mold's good performance in our clients' countries and regions. We also use international software, such as UG, Solidwork, Pro/E, Mastercam, PowerMILL, AutoCAD, Cimatron to deal with the 2D drawing in DXF, DWG, and 3D data in PRT, SAT, IGES, STEP, X-T format etc.

Mould Flow Analysis

RongXin's Flow Simulation Center offers a complete solution to improve part productivity. Flow simulation examines polymer flow behavior when injected into the cavity (fill, pack, cool analysis) and once ejected (warpage analysis).Our Flow Simulation Center focuses on all key aspects of the injection molding process including: Part design. Determining the number of gates, gate location and size, weld line location, fiber orientation and pressure levels. Avoiding short shots and hesitation effects injection molding. Defining optimum injection time. Determining the table of sequence for sequential gatingMold design>Optimizing cooling efficiency>Determining air trap location

Our mold flow simulation center focuses on the analysis of all important aspects of the injection molding process, including the following aspects:

Part Design:
Gate number to determine the gate location and size, clamping position, and pressure levels
Avoid short-range and injection molding delay effects
Determine the best injection time
To determine the effect of continuous casting table

Mold Design:
Cooling efficiency is optimized
Determine air trap position